Linda J Harper

Hello, DOC!!
I'm so glad you've found our lovely little corner of the web!!

I help tired and busy people by decluttering their home, creating a bespoke follow up programme and focusing on their wellbeing, so that they can move towards reclaiming their time and spending it with the people they care about most in a calm and relaxing environment.

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I have come a long way from my cluttered and disorganised life, and it is now my passion to help you find your own way to live a more organised less cluttered life.

WHAT I DO.....

I will work alongside you and together we will create systems that will create space in your life and give you room to breathe. 

You can join us at anytime!

You can CHeerfully begin by reaDING MY BLOG AND DOWNLOADING THE FREE RESOURSEC at ........ you will get monthly updates and early notification of any ofers.

You can become an AMbitious member and get access to my workbooks, email prompts and a weekly coaching chat in addition to the CHerrful access.

Finally you can choose to be a Preier member where we work i:i with me either virtually or in person, you get all the offerings of CHamps and AMbitious levels aswel!

We are all CHAMPS!!

Do you want to be more creative, more productive but the weight of clutter and disorganisation is holding you back? Contact me to find out how I can help you.