How To Organise Your Shopping List and Create a Menu Plan.


Do you plan a menu before you go shopping and then make a shopping list only to find that by the middle of the week you have unused veg in the fridge and enormous amounts of an ingredient you are pretty sure you won't use again for at least a couple of months?

Or is your preferred method of shopping to go to the supermarket looking for the best bargains - may be a three for two offer on 

bags of carrots, only to realise that by Wednesday you are sick of carrots and still have one and a half bags left?

I used to use a combination of both these haphazard ways of planning and shopping until I realised just how much food and money I was wasting.

So by doing a lot of research online and working out what works best for me and my family, I developed a system which saves money and waste - BUT -  you do have to spend a little time setting it up.

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