5 Simple Steps to Gain Time Everyday to Spend on The Things You Love - Part 5..

Finally we are at Step 5 in the mini series : 5 Simple Steps to Gain Time Everyday to Spend on The Things You Love. (definitely learning to love this heading!!)

We have started to put things away when we are finished with them, we have given them homes and created zones for things we need to find easily and regularly. We have set up a basic weekly routine and last week we looked at creating a basic morning routine. We are ending the whole series by looking to create a basic evening routine.

Many people use their evening routines to set them up for the following morning so that they have a head start. And you can include setting out your clothes, preparing the breakfast table or tomorrow’s lunch in your routine if this is how you want to go.

In my basic evening routine I tend to have the focus on winding down and preparing for a restful nights’ sleep. This is because I can have problems waking up during the night and so if I can be as calm and rested as possible by bedtime I am setting myself up as best I can for a decent night.

As with everything in the 5 Simple Steps - we are trying to create a simple strategy to save us time and make life a little easier. However, once you have developed and got used to your initial basic routine you can begin to add in any more routines or habits you wish to create. My evening routine has developed from the basic routine involving skincare, teeth, no gadgets and a quick journal and read, into a more comprehensive routine which starts earlier in the evening and includes ‘wrapping up’ the kitchen and having a quick tidy up and putting out my u