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ADHD / ADD Can I ask you a question?

This weeks blog is short, sweet and a little bit different! Much like myself!!!!!!

Circumstances have lead to me doing some research into ADHD / ADD in adults and specifically issues with lack of organisation and time keeping problems.

It is a fascinating area with plenty to read, but much focus is on childhood ADHD / ADD.

So, I want to ask you some questions:

I am wondering if you have specific issues with disorganisation. If it is area related - just in the kitchen or with paperwork, for example. Or if disorganisation is general?

Or are you very well organised? Do you have specific strategies that help you and could potentially help others?

If you feel you could answer these questions, please email me / contact me via my website or message me via my facebook page - Linda J Harper Professional Declutterer and Organiser.

Thank you.

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