Are you clutter blind?!

Clutter blindness is a real thing!

How do you know if you suffer from Clutter blindness? Here are 6 clues that you could look for to see if you are a victim of clutter blindness:

1 You have a high tolerance for piles

2 You are a 'Do it later' person

3 Your home is not your sanctuary or a place of retreat

4 Items tend not to have a home

5 Flat surfaces are covered

6 Other people point out your clutter and you are quietly surprised at what they show you

Clutter blindness is NOT caused by laziness.

It is the result of procrastination, fear and overwhelm.

Procrastination, or the 'do it later' tendency, leads to clutter blindness because we will buy something or be given something and when we bring it into our home there is no obvious home for it and so it is given a temporary place on the sideboard, for example. Then one of two things can happen, we use the item for a few times and keep putting it back on the sideboard or we forget about it and it remains in the same spot on the sideboard. By putting off the decision to find a home for the item we have created one more piece of clutter that we no longer see. It is hidden in plain sight, like background noise.

Fear also contributes to clutter blindness. We are scared to acknowledge that there is a problem because we don't actually know how to fix the situation and so it is easier to carry on stepping over the piles than to try to tackle the problem and quite possibly ending up with something worse.

Overwhelm is probably the hardest cause of clutter blindness to deal with. An overwhelming situation can be either confronted or ignored. By confronting the situation you are opening yourself up to mental anguish, hard work and the possibility of failing. By ignoring the situation you can carry on living as you are but with the constant niggle in the background that without change there will be no improvement in your situation.

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