Conquering Mount Washmore!

When my three children were young I used to think that my life would be much improved if I could install a launderette similar to the picture above!!

However hard I tried there always seemed to be a massive pile of washing on the landing which was surprisingly easy to walk past without noticing!!

The pile would eventually get so big that it could no longer be ignored and I would spend the best part of a couple of days washing and trying to dry the clothes for a family of five! Doing the washing was probably one of the most stressful parts of trying to run a home with three young children for me. Looking back I think ' surely once you've put a load in, you don't have to think about it until it's finished the cycle?' well - yes! But when you are in the thick of it logic and common sense don't always seem to make an appearance!

I had a lot of help, especially with the ironing when the twins were babies and toddlers, very often the grandparents would leave one day with a pile of washing and come back the next day with a dry, ironed and folded pile of clothes for me to put away! But they never really got to see the true extent of the problem! I was canny and kept the bulk of the pile out of sight so no one would really know the scale of the issue!

So, how did I eventually come to gain control over the mountain on the landing?

First of all came the 'do the absolutely necessary items of clothing' approach. I made sure that all underwear and socks and all uniforms were washed and dried and ready for when they were needed. The theory being that once these were out of the way I could sort the rest of the laundry and wash it when I had the time. We all know where this is heading, don't we?!

We all looked very smart going to school and work but any other time we were a load of scruffs!

But it was progress - I had the beginnings of a plan. I also started following The Flylady around this time. She advocates doing a load of laundry everyday. This seemed to go against everything I thought was how you ran a home! I thought Mondays were washday, Tuesdays were grocery shopping etc etc.!