Don't be afraid to switch it up!

It is no secret to followers of my blog ( who I love dearly x ) that I love a routine!

So, when you've spent time creating a routine and developing it to work specifically for you, why would you want to change it? If it ain't broke don't fix it, right?

That is very true, in some cases. If you are starting out and just developing a routine that is new to you, you will be incorporating the things that already work and new habits which you feel will help you move forward, whether that be with your decluttering journey or to help you get out of the house on time. Whatever reason you have for creating a routine, once it is in place you will spend time tweaking it until it becomes perfect for your situation and doing the routine for at least a month until habits are formed. Hopefully by then you will have started to see the benefits of having a routine.

And that is exactly what I do. I have had the same morning routine for about 4 or 5 years, when I went back to work part - time in pharmacy. When I get up in the morning - whether it is a day on which I am working outside of the home or not, I pretty much have followed that routine. And it works, I leave the house on time having made the bed, showered / washed / teeth, got dressed (yes it is on my routine!) had breakfast and wiped down the bathroom and kitchen. Recently, though, I have been noticing a lot of things about gratitude journals - you know when you see something and it seems to crop up everywhere?! I thought about incorporating three things for which I am grateful in a journal every morning. Then I decided to try to add some exercise into my morning too. I've wanted to do this for so long but couldn't see how I could fit it into my mornings.