How Do I Get My Children To Tidy Up?

Ok - this is a biggie!!

How do I get my children to tidy up?

First of all it is important to understand :

I thought I was fighting a losing battle for years with my children. They kept on telling me that their rooms were tidy, but when I went in to check - all I could see was books and toys, make up and boxes everywhere!

This led to arguments and falling out, time after time.

But I was wrong.

I realise now that I had, first of all, not been clear in what I wanted them to do but also I didn’t understand that my ‘Style of Tidy’ is different to that of any of my children and however hard I try to make them have their rooms exactly as I like them IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

So how did I get my children to tidy up?

Full transparency - my children are all adults. I did not fully realise the implication of different styles of tidying until they had grown beyond telling off and sending to bed!

If only I had understood! It would have saved hours of shouting and years of stress!

There are three key strategies:

  1. Understand your child's Type of Tidy

  2. Be clear and simple in your instructions

  3. Move storage to the area where it is needed.

Type of Tidy.

Take a look at these pictures, do you have a preference?