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How I am Recovering from Covid and how I rely on Basic Routines and Pottering!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

I am recovering from COVID 19 and it’s taking much longer than I thought and hoped it would. After spending 5 days in bed and napping for a further 5 days I am still far from ready to begin again with my usual daily routines.

So I am working with what I can.

When I get up, which could be anytime at the moment, I make my bed and go and have breakfast.

Nothing too taxing there!

I then try and assess what my energy level is. I have found that I have more energy in the morning and my mind is clearer - I do seen to be suffering with the feeling that my head has been stuffed with cotton wool as the day wears on!

After breakfast I try to do some pottering downstairs. I have found having a slow potter gets things done, without the speed but with a lot less stress than trying to tick off my to do list in any particular order.

I can sort the dishwasher, put on a load of washing and have a tidy round without too much effort.

And how I thank Young Linda J for decluttering and organising our home in the past!

Because, although a potter around is no deep clean, at least I can be sure that I am not having to step over and around piles of random stuff or get a stress headache from being surrounded by belongings and clutter.

I know my home is not ‘perfect’, my daughter still has boxes in the hall and on the landing from when she moved back home - into one room from a full house. And my sons are both 21 with small box rooms and inevitably overflow out into other parts of the house. BUT if I can keep some sort of system for the main traffic areas of the home I can keep my sanity!

One of the most frustrating things about my experience with COVID is how my brain has been affected! I can sit gazing at my laptop for ages and not produce a single coherent word or do anything creative at all. At least I can still do lists! I have a shocking number of lists of ideas developing!

In my ‘productive’ hours (!) I am working on creating a few new products. I am writing a book taking you from goal setting to maintaining your home via decluttering and organising. I am creating another journal - the content is evolving for this (!), and I am developing a planner which, at the very front, will have your pared down, basic routine list - this is what will keep you going when you're feeling under par.

As I am not feeling brilliant, this is a short DOCC Blog so I am attaching links to previous blogs which you might find useful.

Please comment below, I love to hear from you!

If you would like to leave a more private message you can use the website chat bubble, or message me on both Instagram and Facebook. (links below)

If you want to learn more:

A link to my DOCC Blog about the Meal inventory planner:

I have created a Declutter Journal and a little book called 'creating habits - reaching goals' you will find them both here :

If you need a firm hand telling you what to do and when, I highly recommend

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