How I attempted to get three teens to do chores - now you can try too! (free printable)

I am a very lucky and blessed woman!

I have three of the most generous hearted - now grown up - children you could wish for.

However, at one point I had THREE TEENAGERS!

‘HOW DID YOU COPE?’ I hear you ask!

(it was easy compared to having twin babies and a four year old!! That’s for another time!)

I tried a few different methods to distribute the chores. Including - shouting, guilt tripping and whining - none of which were too successful beyond the first attempt!

The secrets to success were:-

Set an good example - you must be consistant with your own 'chores'

Don't have unrealistic expectations - by their nature children of this age will not always do a brilliant job, but doing any part of the job however badly may have been an effort which is worth praising

Rotate the jobs - make sure everybody gets to do the icky jobs!!

The system which worked best was to have ‘CHORE CARDS’