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Introducing me, my blog, and my deepest wish: to help you get from chaos to calm!

My website is being updated at the moment in order to reflect these different categories, keep coming back to see each new phase as I open it up! If you want to be notified, message me or use the chat button on the website. There is a link to my instagram and facebook pages at the end of this DOCC Blog and you can contact me through either of these, too!

I am mum to 3 adults (including twin boys / men!). I have a wonderful partner and we have been together for about 30 years. I live in South Cheshire in England and I work part time in a pharmacy.

When lockdown began, a couple of years ago now, I decided to do some online learning and followed a passion of mine - Decluttering and Organising.

Why did I decide to study this?

If you go back over some of my DOCC Blogs, I have already discussed how I began my life in my first new home in a state of chaos. I struggled to keep on top of any tidying or cleaning and panicked terribly when someone knocked on my front door without calling first!

But I have managed to turn my life around - and


My ‘mentors’ are both online and I go back to them time and again for motivation and advice.

They are Diane in Denmark and Flylady.

And, whilst I hope you find a place here with me, please go and visit these two wonderful people and see how they have motivated and encouraged me over the last 25 years between them!!

As I have discovered over the years there are many ways to ‘Sort Out Your Life’ - we all are very different in how we view our belongings and how we organise them. If I find somebody on the internet who I feel can offer motivation, encouragement, something a little different and with a bit of humour thrown in then I will share them with you!

I have three main principles which I stick to when helping people move forward along the Chaos to Calm spectrum :

By having a clear Morning, Evening and Weekly Routine - however simple they are - you begin to see changes pretty quickly in your life.

In order to set your routines it is important to develop habits which make them second nature to you, slowly but surely you can add a new habit to your morning, evening or week and get more efficient and successful week by week.

But there is no point trying to create new routines and develop new habits without having the right mindset. Just as it is ten times harder to diet if you really don’t want to, or it seems impossible to stop smoking if you actually don’t have the desire, unless you want to make changes in your life creating routines and habits will be a hard slog and you may find giving up is the easier option.

So I will show you how to develop the right mindset and how to actually begin to enjoy - even be excited by - the changes you are going to make and see in your life!!

If you want more insight into my early years as a homeowner, especially when the children arrived, take a look at this blog:

I hope you are as excited as I am to move forward and learn how you can create the life you want, have more time, space and even money!!

And please - if you are thinking about Christmas and want it to be organised and peaceful, head to my Etsy shop ( linked below) and buy 'My 2022 Christmas Planner' - it's a game changer!!!!!!!!

You can comment below ↓↓ or look at the end of the blog for all the ways you can contact me privately. I love hearing from you with all your ideas and photos of the areas you are working on!!

You can contact me via my email or using the chat bubble on my website, I would love to hear from you!

I am also on Pinterest and Instagram (where you can also message me) if you need some inspiration!

If you head to my Amazon link on the website there are a selection of books to help you declutter, create goals and habits and journal. The Etsy link will take you to my fabulous Meal Planning System which includes Inventory Sheets, Meal Plan Sheet and Shopping Lists.

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