Life is a roller coaster! Why I need a Morning Routine, and why you do too!

Just lately there have been weeks when I don’t know if I’m coming or going!!

One thing has been rolling in on top of another.

And it really has felt like being on a non-stop roller coaster at times.

So I had a choice.

Do I hold on for dear life panic and scream with terror as a new thing looms up in front OR do I fling my hands up in the air, scream for sheer excitement and accept each rise and fall as another challenge?

Well - for the most part I have tried to take the second option because it is my nature to try and be happy (I know). For anyone who knows, I am a Type 1 in Carol Tuttle’s Living Your Truth system and being someone who can just as easily connect as disconnect with things, I don’t find it difficult, on the whole, to distract myself from worries. I can be completely engaged in something until I don’t need to be and I can find something else to concentrate on quite easily. It can come across as superficial and in some instances maybe even shallow and uncaring but I can assure you it isn’t! It is just how I manage stress.( )

I cannot emphasise enough how much having a basic morning routine helps me start my day. It is a way of normalising each new day, grounding myself and setting myself up for whatever else may happen.

I have one routine which takes me from getting up right through to either leaving for work or whatever else I have planned for the day, it usually finishes in my case at 9.00am.

But and it’s a big but -