Marie Kondo and Swedish Death Cleaning on Paper Clutter

Who? and what? I hear you say!

As part of my series on paper clutter, I thought I would give an overview of how two of the most popular methods of decluttering and organising tackle the issue.

I should imagine a lot of you have heard of Marie Kondo and how she revolutionised the world of 'Tidying Up'. For those of you who don't know about her, she has written, amongst others, two books : "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying" and "Spark Joy".

Marie Kondo gives very specific and detailed instructions on how to declutter your whole home and how to organise everything in it. Her folding techniques alone have gone viral!

'Spark Joy' has illustrated guides showing you how to fold clothes, store bags and jewelry alongside many other household items.

But what about her take on paper clutter? Paper is the third of the categories she tackles and her basic rule, which she states in both books is "DISCARD EVERYTHING"!

In truth, she asks you to look at each piece of paper with the intention of getting rid of it. This way you should only be keeping those documents which have real need and usefulness. She wants you to sort into three categories, currently in use, needed for a limited period of time and to be kept indefinitely. An excellent tip is not to include sentimental items in this category of decluttering because it will only serve to hold you back , concentrate on the papers that give you no joy and finish the job "in one fell swoop".

Now you have discarded much of your paperwork and categorised the remaining, she advocates a very simple filing system, papers to be saved and papers to be dealt with.