NOT a list of 18 habits of tidy people! Let's simplify and make this doable!

Updated: Nov 13

I was going to do a DOCC Blog explaining the habits used by tidy people to keep their homes looking so lovely!

Unfortunately, the more research I did the more I began to feel that it was unrealistic. Unrealistic to expect someone who has struggled with keeping their home tidy to adopt all these habits and do them every day without fail.

I don’t want my readers to feel overwhelmed and then decide that they will never get a ‘tidy’ home like their friends, like they see on tv or even like their mum or gran used to have.

So - you wouldn’t be reading this DOCC Blog if you didn’t feel ready to try and work towards the ‘tidy‘ home of your dreams.

Let me simplify and show you how you CAN begin to see changes in your home.

[ If you look back through the DOCC Blog there are articles on habit building and the importance of creating homes and zones for your belongings. I will link them all at the end of this DOCC Blog.]

I have created a printable with all the basics on it - it is available in the Shop on my website - don’t forget to use the code ‘Free Printables’ at the checkout!