Post Decluttering No.1 Rule....

You've done the hard work. You've worked with a professional declutterer and organiser or you've done it by yourself - but you've done it!

Where once there was chaos now there is calm!

But for how long?

When I talk to my clients I make it clear that when I leave after a project we will have follow up calls and a review. I can also provide checklists and routines to follow.

The biggest thing to remember, however, is to be mindful of what you are bringing into the house from now on.

The No.1 Rule?


When you buy an item, make sure you are not doubling up where you don't need to and operate a one in - one out policy. There will always be somebody who can benefit from your one out items!

Last time I bought some new clothes, here is my 'out' pile -

And here is my wardrobe with the new clothes -

I like to see space between my coat hangers!! It's a quirk, but it helps me to control the amount of clothes I own!

The one in, one out rule doesn't just apply to clothes though. You can think about it whenever you buy something new. Here is my old bag, which I have loved for years!! And my new bag which I hope will