Preparing to Declutter - or - where the heck do I begin?!

You’ve decided to run a marathon….. Oh! No - you’ve decided to embark on a decluttering project - what do you need to know?

First of all there are a few basics that need to be in place if you are so overwhelmed that you are unsure what the first move is. And they are not to do with decluttering or organising!

Begin by looking after yourself.

  1. You need to get plenty of sleep

  2. Eat well, drink plenty

  3. Move

  4. Shower / bathe and clean your teeth.

All common sense isn't it?

I know only too well how easy it is to not get enough sleep, wait until I am too hungry and grab the easiest thing in the fridge to eat - in my case usually cheese -, not drink anywhere near enough to keep myself hydrated, sit on my backside all day working at the laptop and forgetting to clean my teeth at the weekends because any routine at all is lost!