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The Top 13 Quick and Simple Ways to Make Your Home Appear Less Cluttered

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Is your home fairly uncluttered and organised but you are still dissatisfied by how it looks and feels?

How disappointing! You’ve spent all that time decluttering and reorganising for your home still to feel like it needs more work.

Well, here’s your answer!

Stand in the doorway of each room, scan it - what stands out as being out of place? Take these items to their proper home, or consider if they are, infact items needing to be decluttered?

Clear off your flat surfaces - table tops, counters and windowsills. If you want to have things on display, be discerning, find the best of the best. Sometimes finding a pretty tray can be a great way of keeping these items out on your table without them getting overwhelming. You are limited to the size of the tray and items don’t get knocked over or moved to other areas.

Are your open shelves and bookcases looking over full? You can improve the appearance of bookcases by making sure everything is stacked either vertically or horizontally.

  1. Controversial idea No.1: Stack your books in height order with the tallest books on the left. OR….

  2. Controversial idea No.2: File your books in rainbow colour order. ROYGBIV - A step too far for me but it is popular! OR...

  3. Controversial idea No.3: Get rid of all your open shelving. EEK! There are people who love clean lines and clear surfaces who will love this idea, equally there are people who love to see their books and belongings out on show who will be horrified!!

Improve the cluttered feeling on open shelves by making sure there is space between the objects you are displaying there.

(easier to dust, too!)

Clear off kitchen counter tops. By putting as much as you can in cupboards your kitchen will look a lot less cluttered.