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Two Sheds - One Morning

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

(The following photographs are used with permission from the shed owners)

Well I picked one of the hottest days of the year to work on a couple of sheds! One traditional wooden shed which is quite big and a smaller metal shed. Both of them were pretty full and it was time for a good declutter and tidy up!

This is a few before pictures of both sheds.

There was a mixture of gardening items, tools, picnic paraphernalia and various other bits and bobs mixed between both sheds so the first order of the day was to empty both sheds completely and give them a good sweep and vacuum.

As I emptied I put the items into categories on the garden making it easier for the homeowners to see exactly what they had in there. At first glance it was easy to see that some garden tools were doubled up so we could reduce them down straight away.

I then decided to store the most used categories in the big shed and least used in the smaller metal shed as it is harder to get in and out of.

I put all the decorating equipment into the smaller storage and a couple of christmas things. Before putting them away the homeowner helped me go through the plethora of paint rollers and we were able to discard quite a few leaving them with the newest and cleanest to work with in the future.

The large barbecue was no longer needed so that was discarded along with some old toys and clothes that had been stored in there, and the vegetable rack.

This made for quite an empty looking shed when we had finished it!

I wanted to make sure that the homeowners could easily access everything in the other shed. So I decided to put the gardening tools right as you go into it so there was no mauling necessary. We also decided to put the picnic things and garden furniture cushions and umbrella in there. There was space to store a small radiator which is needed in the house in winter and other general items like the step ladders and car maintenance things.

The only thing not put back into the shed when I had finished were the tools, I left them for the homeowner to sort through with instructions to put the larger items into the picnic hamper and then store this along with the smaller tool boxes under the window in the shed which had been left clear. This is what he was left with.

And this is the shed after about 4 hours work ( with plenty of re-hydration breaks and chats!)

The homeowners managed to declutter lots of items which they no longer needed or were just doubles of what they already had. Overall it was a very enjoyable and successful morning!

Do you need more hands on help to find a way to create a clutter free, more organised home? I can help you in person (depending on current guidelines) or virtually. Contact me to see how we can work together to find the solution to your own situation.

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