Week 1 February 2021 Challenge!

Woo Hoo! Week One of the February 2021 Challenge is done and dusted! How did you do?

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Here is how my week has gone!

Sorry for this!! A picture of my discarded underwear! Anything that had lost it's colour or had a hole or that I just no longer wear was added to the 'go' pile.

Now this is a success for previous sorting! I only had one odd sock and one pair to add to the 'go' pile!

Again - this could have been worse! All the people in this house have stopped growing now, thank goodness! So the shoes that are going are all way beyond donating stage with flappy soles or holes in them, so onto the 'go' pile they went!

I have a habit of getting rid of junk mail as soon as it comes into the house - these are things that I have read and no longer need. I can highly recommend getting into the habit of going through your mail at least once a week so that all the paperwork doesn't get overwhelming.

If paperwork is something you struggle with take a look at my Paper Clutter Blogs: