Week 2 - February 2021 Challenge!

We're over half way on the February 2021 Challenge - how are you doing? Keep letting me know! I love to hear how you are getting on - where you are finding little successes and if you are struggling at all. All the ways to contact me are at the bottom of every blog!

I've enjoyed this weeks challenges, here is my weekly round- up:

Tuesday's Challenge was to remove the cushions and see what we could find! I admit to being pleasantly surprised! The third picture is all the stuff after I had delved down the edges of the seats! An uneaten Quality Street and 1p were the highlights!!

I gave the bases a good hoover and my wonderful daughter came along with the handbrush to remove the hair!! I am surprised there is any hair left on our heads the amount I keep finding everywhere!!! It certainly looks and feels a lot fresher!!!

Wednesday's Challenge was to 'Kon Mari' a drawer. I chose to do my partner's t-shirt drawer.

In order to fold the Kon Mari way ( there are many YouTube videos ) you take the t-shirt, fold the sleeves in and then back on themselves in order to achieve a rectangle. Then you bring the bottom of the t-shirt three quarters of the way up and fold the top down towards it. You then fold the t-shirt into an oblong which can be stacked vertically so that you can see exactly what is in the drawer. It is also called file folding.

Let me know if you want me to do a video showing you how it is done!!