Hello!  I am Linda J Harper. I live on the North Staffordshire / South Cheshire border and I am a professional declutterer and organiser.

So, what is that?

Give me an office, a house, a room or just one wardrobe and I can help you organise it so that you can use it as you have always wanted to! I work with my clients to find solutions to their own unique situation.  We work together, or if preferred I can work alone, to provide long lasting, long term systems for the particular issue they have.

I am not a cleaner (although I will get stuck in when i need to!) I look beyond any surface dust to find where we can improve the bigger problem.

Contact me if you think I can help you, email lindajharper@yahoo.com or use the chat box on every page.

I can't wait to help you!


White Grey Kitchen
Bathroom Shelves

I am a mother of three grown up children and I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed in my own home, not knowing where to begin to sort out all the clutter that accumulates when you aren't looking! I have tried routines, charts, online programmes - the whole spectrum of help on the internet - and YES!! I have survived and now live in a home into which I can welcome guests. A home where I no longer have to hide when someone comes to the door because I am ashamed of what they will see. 

Please do not think that I live in an instagrammable, pinterest worthy home!   I live in my own, comfortable environment, a home that shows me, my tastes and my loves.

This is a feeling I want you to feel. I want you to be able to show off who you really are, underneath the clutter. Behind the disorganisation there is a space where you can relax and be proud of what you have.

I work with my clients to find that space, create a home they want to invite people into, an office where they can be creative and productive or a shed or garage ....... anywhere you need help seeing through the clutter and beyond!

Linda J Harper.com is undergoing changes. Please bear with.....