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Welcome to the ORGANISING HUB

The Organising Hub is where we take a look at the different ways to organise your home, belongings and even your life!

The benefits of Organisation..

First things first! - YOU CAN'T ORGANISE CLUTTER! Please, if you have an issue with an overwhelming amount of belongings, head to the DECLUTTER HUB first and see how to start your process of DECLUTTERING, ORGANISING CLEARING AND CREATING a wonderful home and life!

Whatever style of organisation you have, more of this below, there are clear benefits to being organised.

  • Being organised reduces stress in your life.  You cannot eliminate stress but by having habits and routines in place which streamline and organise your days you can certainly reduce the stresses affecting you on a daily basis.

  • Being organised and reducing the clutter in your bedroom can improve your sleep.  We've already seen in the declutter hub that decluttering significantly improved my sleep pattern. Being organised can also help. By being organised you will reduce the number of random thoughts and worries popping into your head at all hours of the night! 

  • Being organised can save you money! Once you have saved money by decluttering (see the declutter hub) you will be able to save even more by being more organised when it comes to your weekly grocery shop.  Once you know what is in your food cupboards, fridge and freezer you can plan your meals accordingly and stop overspending on things you already have and stop buying things you don't need.

  • Being organised can also have health benefits! As well as saving you money, having a good idea of your food inventory and doing a meal plan before you shop means you can make healthier choices when it comes to the food you are bringing into your home.

  • Being organised will add hours onto your weeks! By having homes and zones for your belongings you will know where your belongings live and be able to retrieve them exactly when you need them. You may even find, as I did that you spend less time actively procrastinating and actually get things done!!

  • Being organised can improve relationships and your social life! Just as decluttering can lead to more harmony in the home, being organised can improve relationships outside the home as you have more time to socialise and may even begin to invite people around!

I am sure there are more benefits to being organised which are unique to you too!

What does 'BEING ORGANISED' mean?

It means starting your day knowing you are ready to face the world. You have clean clothes, you are fresh and awake and you already know where everything is that you need before you leave the house.

It means spending your days 'mindfully'. Whether you have decided to do nothing but relax or if you have appointments and errands to do you know that you are more than capable of fitting what YOU want and need to do into your days.

It means that you have homes and zones for your belongings. Whether it is hidden behind closed doors, thrown into a basket or placed in a set of pretty storage boxes, you know where things are and can retrieve them whenever you need them.

It means that you know when your appointments are, you know that you can arrange to meet your friends and won't let them down because you forgot or double booked.

It means that you have routines in place which you can rely on when things get tough but equally they make life a breeze on the good days!

And it means that you can set your own boundries. You won't take on too much, you can say 'yes' to the committments you want to keep whilst, politely, declining those which will overwhelm you and cause you to be rushing around trying to please everybody but yourself. On the other hand you could find yourself saying 'yes' to so much more, now you have more time!!!

Does this all sound too good to be true? Well, it's a journey I have been on, a journey I am still on! Being organised, in your own style, can open up so many possibilities!

Let's crack on and find your own Organising Style...

Let's find your style..

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I owe a great deal to Cas Aarssen at https://clutterbug.me/

She has defined four different 'Clutterbug' types and through my training with her I have the good fortune to be able to call myself a Certified Organizational Specialist.