The Properties of a 'Good Gift'

When you are provided with a Christmas List or a Letter to Santa, deciding what to buy someone for Christmas is just a matter of elimination and you can be sure that you will be getting a 'Good Gift' - something the recipient actually wants!

But what about when you are not provided with clear instructions? How can you decide what to get then?

I'm sure we've all received presents that we didn't want and, if we are honest, have given presents we know weren't really going to have any value for the person we have bought for.

A couple of years ago the most unwanted present for women was cosmetic sets and for men it was socks. However I'm sure there are people who love cosmetics and even socks at Christmas!!

So how do we avoid the trap of giving unwanted gifts? According to there is a 'sweet spot'! If a present meets one or more of the following 5 criteria the recipient feels 'known':






So, you've read this and are still unsure how to pick a gift for some one, here are a few more ideas:

If you want to give a clutter free gift try something that can be eaten or drunk! By their very nature they get disposed of as they are consumed! As long as