Do You Want a Happy, Relaxed, Prepared Christmas? Read on…

Updated: Sep 24

I know, I know!!! It’s still only September!!

In fact, as I write this DOCC Blog, it is warm and sunny outside!!

However, I am uploading the ‘My 2021 Christmas Planner’ (PDF) in my ETSY shop and want to explain why.

It actually begins in September…… but please, don’t shout at me! The main September Countdown prompt is to begin a Raid the Freezer meal night! If you begin to work your way through all the food you already have in the weeks ahead, by the time you reach your actual Christmas Food Shop you should have created plenty of space in the freezer, fridge, cupboards, pantry and anywhere else where you store food!

Do you want a sneaky peak? For more detailed information I will be posting on instagram all this week!

There are five sections