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Has your organising mojo gone awol?Let's boost our motivation with some inspiring and funny ideas!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Are you struggling for inspiration?

Lacking in motivation?

Don’t know when or even whether to begin decluttering and organising?

This week in the DOCC Blog we’re having a bit of fun with motivation!

Whether it’s a motivational quote, a picture, a memory or giving yourself a reward - we are trying to pinpoint the very thing which will keep you going when you really just have had enough!

Let this DOCC Blog be the one to fire you up and get you going like a decluttering, organising superstar!!

I am going to share some of the quotes I have found whilst preparing for previous DOCC Blogs and Instagram / Facebook posts. Along with some pictures of inspirational homes of different styles and some other ideas which will, I hope, give us the kick up the backside we need!

Let’s begin with a quote which I absolutely love:

This quote comes from Trevor Carss, children's author and illustrator.

Why does this quote speak directly to my mojo??

Because, when all around you is calm and you have cut out the background noise and chaos you can begin to see clearly and breathe deeply. You can focus on what is important to you.

if you are surrounded by clutter and chaos, you are also surrounded by distractions. Intrusive thoughts about jobs you have put off, papers you should have dealt with.

I strive for calmness daily and having surroundings where I can relax goes a long way to helping me feel calm.

So, knowing that my overall goal is to have a calm, welcoming and relaxing home can give me the motivation to 'just do it!'

Another way I can (trick) motivate myself to get a move on is to have a browse through my saved pictures on Pinterest

This particular board is where I keep the pictures of my dream homes! I happen to love Mid Century Modern interiors and looking at the clean lines and beautiful styling gives me the impetus to pick up and put away things which are stopping me from having that in my home.

Another place I head to for inspiration and motivation is Instagram. I love how you can instantly react and interact with people on this platform!

I follow accounts who have the same love of Mid Century type styling as I do but also accounts like which is full of abundance and colour and an absolute joy to scroll through! When I’ve spent 10 minutes looking through these wonderful pages I am ready to look at my home and see what potential it has!

Let’s look at another quote:

Is your home your sanctuary?

How do you feel when you walk in through your front door?

Do you look forward to coming home and relaxing?

Is your bedroom a place to relax and get a refreshing night's sleep?

This lovely quote makes me crave space where I can be totally myself and at peace. Motivation in just a few words!!

And if none of this works?

If you are spending all your time distracted, scrolling through other people's lovely dream homes or reading quote after quote and getting distracted by books or programmes about decluttering?!

Get practical!

Give yourself the promise of a reward, or a collection of rewards for different stages of completion! ( but not buying more trinkets, please!) Maybe a film or a night out, or a cream cake with a friend.

Remember you are working hard, in your own time, to achieve the space you have always wanted - YOU DESERVE A TREAT!

How do you motivate yourself when the going gets tough?

If you need a 'buddy' to help you through the hard decisions why not contact me and we'll work together to find what motivates you? Either 1:1 or virtually, you can contact me via my website on the chat, messenger or DM me via instagram - all linked below xx

You can comment below ↓↓ or look at the end of the blog for all the ways you can contact me privately. I love hearing from you with all your ideas and photos of the areas you are working on!!

If you want to delve deeper into finding a ‘system’ which will work for you, you can contact me via my email or using the chat bubble on my website, I would love to help you!

I am also on Pinterest and Instagram if you need some inspiration!

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