Has your organising mojo gone awol?Let's boost our motivation with some inspiring and funny ideas!

Are you struggling for inspiration?

Lacking in motivation?

Don’t know when or even whether to begin decluttering and organising?

This week in the DOCC Blog we’re having a bit of fun with motivation!

Whether it’s a motivational quote, a picture, a memory or giving yourself a reward - we are trying to pinpoint the very thing which will keep you going when you really just have had enough!

Let this DOCC Blog be the one to fire you up and get you going like a decluttering, organising superstar!!

I am going to share some of the quotes I have found whilst preparing for previous DOCC Blogs and Instagram / Facebook posts. Along with some pictures of inspirational homes of different styles and some other ideas which will, I hope, give us the kick up the backside we need!

Let’s begin with a quote which I absolutely love:

This quote comes from Trevor Carss, children's author and illustrator.