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How creating habits can change your outlook!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Does having a crisis in your life mean that everything around you falls apart? Do you feel like you have failed when you see all the washing building up and pots not being washed, or you're having to panic and rush the children off to school with a packet of crisps to eat on their way for breakfast because that is all you have in the cupboard?

Rest assured, I have been there! And there is a way to bring yourself and your family back from the brink of chaos!

It's all down to introducing routines into your daily life. Forget about the clutter and mess for a minute and think about how you could introduce four or five habits into your morning which, when done consistently, would begin to bring about a change in how your home is run.

My original inspiration, way back when the children were young was 'The Flylady' - I have referred to her before.

I think her website has changed since I used to use it but I'm sure the basics are still the same. The biggest lesson I learned from her was to do a few small things every day, without fail. She focused on the kitchen sink, shining it every day. Just that one little job, done consistently begins to show you how you can build small routines slowly into your day and one babystep at a time you can find yourself climbing out of chaos.

So, how does this help during those times when things seem to be spiraling out of control?

By having NON-NEGOTIABLE routines, which have built up into habits over time, you have something to cling onto when everything seems to be getting on top of you. Whatever life throws at you you know that there is certainty in having daily habits that take little effort but reap rewards.

My non negotiable routines are in the morning. After showering and getting ready for work or the day ahead I wipe down the shower, bathroom surfaces and the toilet. Simple! But what a difference it makes to my peace of mind! I also, on the days when I am working from home, make sure I at least wipe down the kitchen surfaces and either empty or fill the dishwasher if somebody hasn't already done it.

When you have got a simple morning routine you can begin to introduce other small habits throughout your week. Maybe put a load of washing on as soon as you get up then put it to dry before you leave for work?

The magic trick to it all though is when you are beginning with your new, simple routines, until you realise that they have become habits, don't overwhelm yourself by trying to get your whole house working like clockwork at the same time. If you do this you will, more than likely give up before you see any real change.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the chaos in your home and would like someone to talk you through creating some calm then please contact me. I really have been there and understand where you are right now and I have the knowledge to help you. You can also take a look at the shop on my website where there are some free printables which can help you when you want to note your new habits and put them in a place where you will see it every day.

If you think I can help you understand what your 'style of tidy' is, and you need more hands on help to find a way to create a clutter free, more organised home, I can help you in person (depending on current guidelines) or virtually. Contact me to see how we can work together to find the solution to your own situation.

Please contact me via my email or using the chat bubble on my website, I would love to help you!

Take a look at my Facebook page Peruse at your leisure, and message me if you need me!! I am also on Pinterest if you need some inspiration!

I have also just rebooted my Etsy shop!

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