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How to keep on top of your paper system.....

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

So, we've done the hard bit. All the unnecessary and unneeded old bills and letters have been shredded and re-cycled. But, how do you stop it all just mounting up again?

Well, the simple answer is by finding a system that works for YOU. We have a tray in our entrance hall labelled 'Deal With It'. As we get post it is put in here and opened by the person to whom it is addressed. Then, if it can't be acted on straight away it is left in here, in plain sight until it can be dealt with. We leave the shredder plugged in so anything that can be shredded is taken care of straight away. We have a re-cycling box in the kitchen for things that don't need to be shredded. This system only works if we all look at the tray whenever we come home and open our mail as soon as we see it. If not it just becomes another dumping ground for bills and letters waiting to be opened. I don't think I've found our perfect system yet but this is the most effective so far!

Our Deal With It tray next to the avoiding coronavirus station!

Would it work for you and your situation? Possibly not, we are all very different in how we approach the information which enters our homes. Maybe you don't have time to scan your mail everyday, in which case you will need to have an scheduled time each week to sit and go through your mail. Do you have no specific place to put mail when it arrives so that it gets placed all over the house and important appointments get lost and forgotten? Maybe you need to set up a control centre where everybody knows to go to to find mail, appointments and important dates?

Pinterest has an enormous wealth of ideas to help you create a 'command centre' , or systems for receiving and dealing with mail.

If you haven't discovered it yet, Pinterest is a great place to go to for inspiration and ideas on everything you could possibly need! I've been known to spend hours on there!

As always, if you need to contact me you can do so via my email or by using the chat bubble on my website.

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