Let me Help and Inspire You to Find More Hours in the Morning by using Simple Planning Ideas!

Updated: Oct 10

Do you need to find more than 24 hours in your day and more than 7 days in a week??

Well, short of being the next Dr Who ( don’t discount me quite yet!!) we can’t manipulate wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, but there are ways of making sure that we spend the time we DO have in the most constructive, productive and creative ways possible!

Let’s take a look at your mornings. Do you find yourself rushing around getting things done?

Do you wake up as late as possible before you need to do something?

Does it take you a looooong time to come around in the morning?

Do you always lose things and spend time in the mornings looking for something?

Have you any idea what your ideal morning would look like? I mean on a normal weekday, where you have school / work / appointments - how would you love your morning to pan out in an ideal world?

This is where you need to start, because without having an ideal morning, or a GOAL to aim for you won’t be able to create the steps needed to get there.