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Reframe your To Do List and find success!

This is a quick off the cuff blog!

Isn't it strange that how we speak to our selves can affect how we feel?

This morning I could have got up and said 'I need to sort the washing and pu a couple of loads of washing in, get them dry and put them away - that's going to take all day' :(

Or I could have (and did!) reframe it! " I'm going to put the radio on and whilst I'm listening I'll gather the washing and put on a couple of speed washes whilst I potter around the kitchen and get breakfast. Then I can put it to dry in the sunshine and sit outside with a cup of coffee! I am actually looking forward to bringing the washing in because line dried washing smells sooooo gooood!!!"

This doesn't always work I have to admit - I struggled to reframe ironing for years!! And you know what?

Ask my family - I just don't iron! None of us do. And the world didn't stop spinning!!

We still have an iron for the odd occasion it is needed but that is rare!

Not all jobs we dislike can be abandoned, however!

I still need to clean the toilet! But this is part of my basic morning routine and is done almost without thinking! I rarely have to really get down and dirty scrubbing the bathroom anymore!

And that is because of my little bit of pottering!

I said it was a small off the cuff blog!

Why not try to reframe your chore list and see how you get on?

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