Aaaaannnddd.....It's over! The February 2021 Challenge is Done!

How did you all do with the February 2021 Challenge? 28 days of 10 minute challenges designed to help you focus when you may be overwhelmed with your cluttered surroundings or just so that you feel you have achieved something in your day.

The 28 days worth of challenges will eventually be put up on my website so that you can access them whenever you want to if you need a bit of inspiration.

I've had some lovely feedback from some of you! It has amazed some people how much you can actually get done in 10 minutes!

This was one of the goals of the challenge - to let you know that even 10 minutes a day can make inroads into your clutter and improve your mindset!

So, the final week was a bit of a rewind week where we revisited some areas again. Contacting a friend, revisiting Danger Zones and going into the car where all things we had done earlier in the challenge.

We also went under the bed to see what was lurking there. I know for some people this would have been more than a 10 minute job but by taking a look and getting an idea of what needs to be done the process has already started in your mind.