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Before and After Pictures!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Since my business began - in the midst of the Pandemic! - I have managed to spy my chances and declutter and organise various areas. Some of which were in clients homes and due to privacy I haven't got pictures to share. However, other jobs have been for my self and my family and WHEN I REMEMBERED(!) I have a collection of before and after pictures which I thought I would share.

A lot of the pictures may have appeared on earlier blogs, and if something interests you in particular I would encourage you to go back through my blogs to get details of how I worked on a particular area.

Here goes:

Not so much a before and after as a before and during. I just wanted to illustrate how much paper we collect that is not necessary!

So many shoes!!

This is one of the most successful reorganisation projects I have done! I know it isn't beautiful but it works!!

Who knew reorganising utensils could be so satisfying?!

This was definitely one of my biggest jobs! Doing it on one of the hottest days of the year was a bonus!!!

This drawer still gives me joy whenever I open it!!!

Before, during and after!

Poor before picture but this wardrobe is another thing which gives me ridiculous amounts of pleasure when I open it!!

The first shed - we had a lovely day clearing out two sheds!

And I'm pretty sure both sheds are still kept like this!!

So I was inspired to do our shed whilst taking part in the February 28 Day Challenge - not too shabby!:

More recently I have been sorting through my partners drawers and using file folding to get them organised - he loves it and is keeping it up, this makes me very happy!!!

He can now see all his t'shirts, jumpers shorts etc and it means that he has more choice because he doesn't just gravitate to the ones on top. It also means that he knows if he no longer wears something!!

One of my sons has moved back to University this week and so I've been able to go into his room and give it a bit of a sort out! i know in the after pictures below there are still areas to be done - especially on the top of the wardrobes but I am too small and didn't have ladders available!! Anyway - I am still proud of the transformation!

So there we have it!

A selection of some of the before and after pictures from the last year!


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