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Before and After Under Sink Kitchen Cupboard

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

We had a disaster!

The washing machine broke down and in order to fix it MrC had to empty the cupboard under the sink.

This is what I came down to:

This picture really doesn't do it justice!!

I had been storing the cleaning products in one basket and the cloths, dusters etc in another with any overflow ( over purchased unused items) either stuffed at the back and not seen or balanced on top of everything else!

So, since STEP 1 :

had already been done for me, completely emptying the cupboard! I just needed to give it a wipe down before moving on to STEP 2 - categorise everything.


As I put like items together I got rid of anything which was unusable - the carpet cleaner which had solidified, all the bottles which had hardly any product left in them and the empty spray bottles I had kept because they could come in useful!. This reduced the amount to go back into the cupboard considerably!

The baskets had certainly been under pressure!

Once the contents of the cupboard are categorised it's time to put away.


This is my favourite part of the whole job! Seeing what a change you can make in a small area and how a small change like this can motivate you to carry on decluttering and organising!

Another functioning space where there was chaos!!

If you are overwhelmed and wondering how to begin on a decluttering job, try tackling a small cupboard or drawer, somewhere which doesn't have the distraction of sentimental items.

A small success is still a success and it will help you as you move to larger areas.

The more decluttering you do, starting in these smaller areas, the better and more confident you will become in deciding what is to stay and what you can let go.

You can comment below or look at the end of the blog for all the ways you can contact me privately. I love hearing from you with all your ideas and photos of the areas you are working on!!

If you want to delve deeper into finding a ‘system’ which will work for you, you can contact me via my email or using the chat bubble on my website, I would love to help you!

I am also on Pinterest and Instagram if you need some inspiration!

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