Day One of the February 2021 Challenge!

Ok - so it's only the first day of the Challenge but over the month my blog posts are going to record my journey through the Challenge. And since my blog goes live on a Tuesday there isn't a great deal to report this week!

Firstly, as it's my first time hosting a Challenge I decided to put my face on !!!

I started by doing the Bonus Declutter Challenge. I am doing the daily countdown so today I found 28 things to declutter.

Everything here was in my bedroom - I admit I was worried that I might struggle with this Challenge - not so worried now I've started! Three old throat sweets, unused and destined not to be used hand creams, old perfume and glasses are just a few of my finds. I won't throw away anything that could be donated, as you will see when we get to the first Challenge proper - we have a sizeable donation pile already!

Challenge No.1 - Tidy your car boot / trunk.

Our car is used by three different drivers and I don't drive very much at all at the moment so I was a bit worried when I opened the boot wondering what I would find!