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Decisions, decisions! To stay or to go?!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

What can you do if you really are struggling to decide if an item is a keeper? When I find someone who really does struggle with letting go of things after going through all the usual techniques I find a quarantine box is useful.

Depending on the area we are working on it can be a carrier bag up to a large tote box, its' role is to hold things in quarantine for a designated period of time.

One of my own personal 'issues' is when I've spent money on something I am very reluctant to admit that it is, in fact, surplus to requirements and would serve somebody else much better than it serves me! My current case in point is a Halogen Air Fryer Oven. I thought it would be useful for all sorts of things whereas I've literally only used it for baking potatoes! (which only take an hour in the oven or 5 minutes in the microwave anyway!!). Because I'm not a meat eater I have struggled to find any recipes which I couldn't just whack in the oven, the time saving isn't enough to make a difference and the energy saving is negligible for baked potatoes!

But, I spent money on it! Admittedly, not a great amount, it was from Aldi and seems to be good quality - very sturdy.

I haven't used it at all during lockdown so I am considering selling or donating it. In the back of my mind, though I am wondering 'maybe I will use it when the weather turns?' And so it is still in the back of a cupboard taking up valuable space. Or it WAS! I have quarantined it! I have removed it from the kitchen, along with a few more items and put it in a box in the shed (clean and dry!). I have given my self a date by which, if it hasn't been used I will sell or donate it.

This technique can be used in other situations. When sorting through clothes, for example, you can quarantine items for however long you think it requires before you know what your decision is. It could be for a season - if you are thinking about whether you should donate a coat, let the colder season be your quarantine period. If you haven't used the coat when the sun comes out again, it is time to move it on. You can quarantine things for a week, month, six months, even a year, BUT DON'T LEAVE IT INDEFINITELY! Make sure you have an actual date when you will go back to the box and move the items on.

Mark it on your calendar or use the handy dandy reminder on my printables page! Put a label on the box so that you know what it is and can go straight to it when you either decide you want the item back to use or you reach the Designated Donation Date!

If you think I can help you understand what your 'style of tidy' is, and you need more hands on help to find a way to create a clutter free, more organised home, I can help you in person (depending on current guidelines) or virtually. Contact me to see how we can work together to find the solution to your own situation.

Please contact me via my email or using the chat bubble on my website, I would love to help you!

Take a look at my Facebook page Peruse at your leisure, and message me if you need me!! I am also on Pinterest if you need some inspiration!

I have also just rebooted my Etsy shop!

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