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How Holding Yourself Accountable Can Help You Reach Your Goals.

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

The new year has begun, we’ve set out resolutions which are specific, achievable and desirable how do we keep the motivation as the year progresses?

Well, there is much to be said for an accountability buddy! Having somebody you trust, who knows how much reaching your goals means to you, be invested enough to question how you are doing and keep you on track, can be invaluable.

When we have accountability we are less likely to lose momentum or focus on our goals or projects.

But, sometimes what we are aiming for might feel too personal to invite another person to be your ‘accountability buddy’ and you need to be accountable to yourself.

But this is not easy!

On a personal note, I know how easy it is for me to pull the wool over my own eyes!! I can accept my own excuses for not putting in the work without batting an eyelid! To me my excuses are all valid - without exception!

So how do I accept responsibility and become my own accountability buddy?

Let’s Go! -

Here are the steps to follow to become your own accountability buddy:

1 Put on your Big Girl / Boy / Person Pants . It’s time to regain control!

2 Set out the specifics of your goal see - ( )

3 Remember your WHY


‘Linda, what are you on about?!’

I want you to mindfully decide that it is time to take responsibility for the wonderful things you want to achieve. You need to understand that, even though you can get help, coaching and encouragement from others - ultimately only you can take the required actions to take you towards your goals.


In the linked DOCC Blog, above - I have set out how to get specific with your resolutions and goals. By being specific you can break your goal down into steps which are achievable and measurable.


Why do you REALLY want to achieve this goal?

Why do you want to be your own accountability buddy? Is your goal something you feel too deeply about and is very personal to you?

Are you tired of trying and failing because you accept your own excuses?

In order to have accountability your goal/ resolution needs to be something which can be measured. How will you define success? Is it visual, or is it more of a mental goal / resolution?

If your goal is measurable then you can use a tracker. I have trackers in my book -

- and there are many trackers you can download or you can easily make your own.

Decide how often you want to check in and what exactly you are measuring and then stick to it. Using a tracker gives you an accurate representation of how far you have come towards your goal.