Journal Your Way to a Decluttered Life!

At the start of 2021 I began to journal. Every morning I write down everything that is going through my mind. It can be writing down things I need to remember for the day, things which have made me laugh or cry, something somebody said, a programme I watched on television, a dream I had or sometimes I draw a picture because words don’t always express thoughts properly for me.

My Journals

But what has this got to do with decluttering and organising?

Well, having my home decluttered and organised has lead me to be a calmer, happier, more relaxed person. Journaling has done the same for the inner me. By having a daily commitment to journaling and completely offloading my thoughts into a notebook I can declutter and organise my mind. And mindset is so important when you are hoping to have change in your life which involves commitment of any kind.

Journaling and Decluttering

(Firstly, leave a page at the start of your journal - we’ll come back to this.)

Let's go back to mindset. In your journal you are completely free to write without judgement or embarrassment. It is purely for your eyes and nobody else. So you can be totally honest with yourself, ask yourself questions:

  • Why have I decided to declutter?

  • When did I realise that there was