Keeping Track of those Pesky Habits

Over the last 5 weeks I introduced a bite sized, simple ‘how to’ guide for starting to get in control of your home so that you can have more time in your life to do the things you love doing.

By using the 5 Simple Steps you will find that your home becomes more organised and it is easier to find things, put things away and to stay on top of things.

But, what if it hasn’t worked?

We might begin to formulate a routine and for a few days we are following it outstandingly but with no accountability it is easy to say ‘ I have been doing so well - I deserve a day off! ‘

So you go a day without, for example, putting things away when you are finished with them. And maybe, on the next day ‘ it doesn’t look so bad! I must have done so well, I’ll leave it another day!’

Then we begin to develop a mild case of ‘clutter blindness’, and piles begin to come back, we begin losing things again - a smell begins to appear from the fruit bowl.

Then POW! All of a sudden, or so it seems, we are back to square one.

The new system hasn’t worked, I’m a failure and I can’t keep an organised space however hard I try.

So what happened? How did you go from being keen, using small simple steps to achieve your goal to deciding that yet another system hasn’t worked and you have failed again?

Well, with full transparency, as a serial ‘system trier’ I can tell you that I honestly do not think there is a system which is perfect and will work for everyone.

This is why I have tried to create