Personal memory boxes

When I began my little blogging adventure, I was sorting through all our papers. I mentioned that we each had a 'personal file' in the filing cabinet. They held things that we no longer needed or used but didn't really want to get rid of. Well, this is the current situation regarding our new ' Memory Crates'

I've given each of us a large tote box - Poundstretchers - in it we are keeping anything we want to keep but don't need to have access to. Obviously the size of the tote restricts the size of the item wanting to be kept, but it also means that we do really need to decide if the item we are keeping is worth the space it takes up!! It has been very interesting to see how we have approached this! One of my sons has proved to be absolutely non sentimental! He really did not want to keep any of his old school books or (what I considered to be !) souvenirs from his younger days! His twin brother, however, filled his box before it even reached the roof!! How different we all are!! I, finally got rid of my o level geography project, a level work and my folders for my beauty therapy diploma which NOBODY needs to see!!!! It would appear my degree work is looooong gone! I only kept the things from school that I really enjoyed looking at - a pencil sketch which REALLY dates me (!) of a Creda Corvette water heater and a coffee jar! Does anybody else remember these? We called ours a Chooky?! " I'll put the chooky on and make a coffee"!!


My partner is the 'Person Most Likely To Hold On To Everything' says that hoarding is more common in males than females - just saying! He is NOT a hoarder, but he wants to keep a lot more that one tote will hold! Well he has a lot more lifetime to remember than teenage boys and a 24 year old! And, as I keeeeep saying one size does not fit all!

The boxes before going up into the roof, before being filled and being weighed down by a laundry bag full of bubble wrap! *