Week 3 February 2021 Challenge Round - Up!

As we are entering the final week of the February 2021 Challenge - where has the month gone?! - here is another weekly recap of how I have got on.

Tuesday was all about discovering our Danger Zones. Finding those areas in the home where we tend to drop things, intending to come back to them but actually not!

The bedside table is my personal Danger Zone although it has been under control for a while now. I do still have to watch myself though, make sure I take mugs downstairs and put my book and journals away after I have finished them.

I have also managed to reduce the amount of clutter accumulating on the kitchen counter! I have put the tea, coffee and sugar canisters where the piles used to sit.

No space to put things down = no piles of clutter!


The hall table is less easy to manage, however. Although there are dedicated containers for paperwork and the 'covid protection kit', other items tend to accumulate there on their way to somewhere else. Living in a house of 5 adults this is likely to happen and as long as the item is actually on the way to it's destination eventually it pays to be flexible! The current item on it's way somewhere is a computer monitor!