What Does a Professional Declutterer and Organiser Do?

Updated: May 2

As a Professional Decluterer and Organiser I am both a Coach and a Cheerleader!

When you contact me initially we will have a chat about why you have taken the decision to reach out to an Organiser, what areas concern you and what you hope we can achieve from decluttering and organising your home or wardrobe or office - whatever you feel needs tackling.

I then need to see the area myself, either by arranging my first visit or virtually via video or pictures. During this visit or meeting I will ask you some more questions, so that I can design an action plan that will have the best outcome for your situation. I will come away with all the information I need to create a detailed plan which we can then break down into our sessions.

If your area needs to be decluttered before we can organise it, then this is where we start. You will have already decided if you want to do this alongside me or if you are happy for me to do this, under instruction, on my own. How long this will take depends very much on how much decluttering is needed and how easy or difficult you find it. And don't worry! I will NEVER make you do anything you don't want to!!