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A few things you don’t know about me! And let me introduce…..THE DOCC BLOG!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

This week I am having a week off so I thought I would just leave you with a few things about me you might not have known!

  • I cut my own hair. I saw someone on YouTube do it and here we are!!

  • Elton John once ran away from me.

  • My mum thought I was going to be a nun when I was a little girl.

  • I have three children in their twenties. Including twin boys

  • Life before children included summers of touring Europe on a Moto Guzzi

  • I had 47 driving lessons - passed first time (!)

  • I create journals and notebooks

  • I enjoy sewing but am v. amateur

  • I am a member of the Busy To Boss Academy

  • I use Carol Tuttle’s resources to learn about ‘alternative’ healing (Type 1 / 2)

  • I enjoy spending time quietly, at my own pace

  • I am in love

  • Since turning 50 I have begun to get to know myself

  • I am a snowflake

  • I am Yo Momma

I’ve been blogging here for about a year now!! How time flies!

I’m really not sure if we have been properly introduced!

I am not a naturally uncluttered, organised person but the value of routines and being able to find things easily was brought home to me as a young(ish) mum with a 4 year old daughter and baby twin boys. If I hadn’t had a routine and some help from family I don’t know how I would have coped!

So the journey began - finding solutions to the age old question - why is that other mum so organised?

Usually, it turned out that they knew where things were, picked up after themselves and had a daily and weekly routine for laundry , shopping etc. Unlike me!

I can’t say it was a quick and easy change from chaos to organised but I have learned many things which have helped me and can help you as the years have passed!

I use my blog to introduce the ways I work, give hints and tips and even challenges to help you in your decluttering and organising journey. Please take a look back over my blogs and let me know what other areas you would be interested in reading about!

And…. because I like to change things around a bit!..... I am naming my blog!

Henceforth ‘Blog’ will be renamed

The DOCC Blog!



Clear & Create

Decluttering your space and your mind.

Organising your space.

Clearing the way for you to Create quality time for yourself and your loved ones.

I hope you find what you are looking for here at DOCC Blog!

You can comment below ↓↓ or look at the end of the blog for all the ways you can contact me privately. I love hearing from you with all your ideas and photos of the areas you are working on!!

If you want to delve deeper into finding a ‘system’ which will work for you, you can contact me via my email or using the chat bubble on my website, I would love to help you!

I am also on Pinterest and Instagram if you need some inspiration!

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