Four Great Questions To Ask Yourself To Help You Declutter & Organise Successfully!

Updated: Nov 16

Let's start with some background on how I have learned to move away from the idea that there is one way to organise your home and that every organised home should be based on the same principles.

Some of the most insightful organising skills I have learned have been from Cassandra Aarssen Like me, she is not a born organised person and has developed her method over years of watching and learning from her family and clients.

As my interest in decluttering and organising developed I had seen simillar patterns emerging as Cas. There are four basic ‘Tidy Up Styles’. She categorises them as different clutterbugs - Butterfly, Bee, Ladybug and Caterpillar.

I use what I have learned from my own observations and what I have learned from Cas and other industry experts, whenever I start on a decluttering and organising project.

So let me show you the 4 Great Questions to ask yourself which will help you discover your own style of tidying up so you will succeed next time!