What is sentimental clutter and how do you deal with it?

What is sentimental clutter?

Sentimental clutter is a category of clutter which includes those items you are holding onto for fear of upsetting someone, fear of losing a memory, in fact it can cover anything that we are attached to emotionally but has no practical or aesthetic use in our day to day living.

It could be that you’ve saved every piece of art and craft which your children made but it is exploding out of the container you allocated it to years ago, or a figurine which belonged to your grandparents but is not to your taste and doesn’t suit your home.

You hold on to them because it feels like they are linking you to the times in the past where you were happy and by choosing to move these items out of your home you will somehow break the memories and maybe even lose them.

You may even feel you are letting people down by even considering decluttering them.

But you know that you have too much stuff. You have decided that something has got to be done.

How do you overcome these emotional ties which are stopping you from making any decisions?

Read on!

First of all, don't attempt to declutter sentimental items first. Always begin your decluttering process by looking at the obvious clutter to you. Find an easy area and begin here, maybe start by doing a 28 day challenge - there is a checklist in my shop on the website. https://www.lindajharper.com/shop