And What About The Grown Up Wardrobe?!

Last week I showed you the small wardrobe that is not a wardrobe - this week I will show you the real wardrobe! It isn't a clothes clear out as I hardly own any!! I followed the tip at the bottom of the blog a few years ago and got rid of a lot of clothes that I just wasn't wearing!

I was actually just going to clear out the top shelf of the wardrobe, and wasn't going to do a blog but I took a picture of the before and got carried away - so here we are!

You can see why I thought it would be an easy job - not worth blogging! But then I emptied the top shelf!

Oh what delights it had in store for me!

(as usual Kipper, Maisie and Tiger were just along for the ride!)

I've obviously been 'saving' some of the children's jumpers! Hand knit by Nanny and Grandma I believe! Well they are too cute to go anywhere but my memory box, up in the roof!

Let's see what else I found - I really haven't checked up here for ages!

Badges and more saved uniforms from previous jobs and my bronze skiing badge from The Actual Bronze Age, I believe.